Our services



We provide consultancy about your existing applications. We implement and maintain services for the technical infrastructure and they are able as well to associate third-party softwares for your internal IT. The main function is to support companies in the digitization process. We are ready to help you find solutions for your own problems. We will offer you documentation to help you in the manipulation. Training is a technical help to users. We provide training to employees of companies that change or implement new work tools. We offer added value services such as system integration, data migration…. If you need any advice, just contact us and we will guide you.



We are able to study your project ideas. The next step is designing the product and building its components. Then our team transform and develop the final application. Our work doesn't finish here, but we maintain and improve software, website and mobile application. We are able to develop solutions for your existing intranet. We also develop dashboards and reports to follow your activity in your company. We create different applications, and that depends on your needs.



If you want to save money, welcome to EBS. Our solutions help you reduce IT and management costs. We help improve the profitability of your managed wallets. We guide our clients to the right way by the organisation of their ideas and focus on their strength points. We develop applications and we offer coaching for the users. Our role is to let you familiarize with our products. We are able to modify your old applications by adding new features or creating new services which can suit your infrastructure. Our service will provide you management, security and a better access to your needs.