Solutions for TESLA Accounting System


A rich and functional software, designed for accountants

We offer productivity, process optimization, flexibility of use and wealth of features make Expert Business Solutions, a reference in total harmony with the expectations of TESLA:
  • Mangement accounting – Expert Accounting
  • Payroll Management – Expert pay
  • Internal management – Customer records management
  • Entering and importing postings (from an Excel file)
  • Editing the different reports(Newspaper, Balance sheet, Amortization table, Cash flow, State of result…)
  • Tax management
  • Employer declaration
All accounting shared with your customers:
  • Control your customer regulations
  • Track your supplier schedules
  • Control your banking movements
  • Exchange with your Chartered Accountant
  • Optimize the management of your company
  • Simplicity of implementation
  • Establish balance sheets / situations without interruption of production with the client…
  • Enter, consultation, lettering, reconciliation, editions, business management integration…
Interactive consultation of customer cards. A client file contains digital versions of the various identification documents of your client, but also different commercial exchanges (Calls for Tenders, Quotation, Commercial Proposal, …). This system allows complete traceability and better commercial performance.
  • Archiving
  • Research
  • Consultation
  • Formalizing the bookkeeping of companies and organizations
  • Save planned accounts
  • Consolidate all accounting standards
  • Centralize the laws, standards and practices of accounting
Reporting under EXCEL : Keep your own data, in Excel files
  • Edit the accounting document on the financial management of the company
  • Analyze the cash flow statement
  • Detect accounting manipulations against the income statement and asset-liability balance sheet
  • Employee records
  • Optimize the profitability of your files
  • schedule
  • Enter variable elements and real-time monitoring tables
  • Report events and collect automated data for calculating pay slips
  • Hourly rate
  • Details of working hours
  • The holidays
  • Optimize the tax situation
  • Optimize the management of your company
  • Edit in a few clicks your exercise parameters to perform
  • Import your schedules while respecting your criteria
  • Control your entries either imported or entered
  • Delineate your contributions from summaries and totals
  • Burn your generated files
  • Submit your resume once without return
  • Multi-company software, multi-exercises
  • Automatically control tax registration numbers
  • Edit the list of appendices on paper or export the list to Excel
  • Print salary certificates
  • Transfer automatically between exercises